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Find a Handyman - Home Page

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Welcome to Handyman Finder.US, we provide U.S. listings of local Handymen who can do various jobs which involve repairing, building, fixing, carpentry, painting, etc. in your home or business.

Our Handyman repair, building & construction contractor listings are searchable by zip code. Upon entering your zip code, you will see contractors ( handyman services companies ) that service your area, or the closest ones to you.

We provide data points so each Handyman can display additional info to help you in your selection; for more info & tips on selecting an handyman from a list of contractors, scroll down...
To Search / Locate a Handyman, enter your service area zip code below

To Find a Handyman for your area, enter Zip Code (use City cross-ref if needed) where you need service and select service type, then "click" on "Search"
The Handymen that display will be those advertising they service your area.
If no contractors display for your area, we will show you the closest handyman.

Service Zip Code:

     Residential Commercial
City to Zip Code cross-reference

How to select a Handyman from multiple ones servicing your zip code

Each handyman listing has a variety of data points or fields (line headings) to help you determine who to select / call. The fields available to them are:
  Company / Handyman Name
City, State, Zip
License #:
In Business:   (how long in years)
Hourly Rate:   (price per hour)
Trip / Service Call Charge:
Specialty:   (what the specialize in)
Info:   (anything else they want to communicate)
Approx. Distance from your Service Area:

repair contractor

If a field (line heading) is not shown, the handyman did not provide that information or it is not applicable or they did not want it displayed.

Our handyman listings are displayed alphabetically just like a phone book. The contractors that display are ones stating they service your area (they normally travel the distance between your zip code and the zip code they are located in).

Most of our listings of handymen list the city they are based out of, and the last line ("Approx. Distance from your Service Area") of each contractor listing tells you approximately how far they are from your zip code. Note that some contractors charge a travel fee based on how far you are from them, read the "Trip / Service Call Charge:" line heading for more info.

The "Residential/Commercial" field or line heading will state if they service Residential & Commercial (will be displayed as Both) or Residential only, or just Commercial. The "In Business" field will tell you approx. how long they have been in business. The "Employees" field will give you an idea of their size (it is not uncommon in this type of work for contractors to be sole proprietors). "Insured" will indicate whether they carry general liability insurance. "Repairs" & "New Jacks" fields will give you a general idea on their prices; it is always best to call and get a better quote. The "Services" & "Info" fields will tell you more about what they offer and can do.

If you have more than one contractor to select from, use these line headings/fields to narrow down who you want to call!

handyman job
Find / Search For a Handyman handy person

Additional Info about the Handymen listed in our directory

Most of our Handyman listings can do installation, repair, building, construction, maintenance, set-up, cleaning, of plumbing, sheetrock, wiring, air conditioning, heating, tiling, windows, vinyl, linoleum, flooring, etc. Handymen are multi-talented people who are have experience in many trades, they are sometimes known as a jack of all trades. We have handymen who work both residential ( home service ) and commercial locations. Each listing in our directory gives you an overview of what each handyman offers or specializes in to help you narrow down who to call. Our directory of handymen is for contractors covering any area in the United States, including: Alabama AL , Alaska AK , Arizona AZ , Arkansas AR , California CA , Colorado CO , Connecticut CT , Delaware DE , Florida FL , Georgia GA , Hawaii HI , Idaho ID , Illinois IL , Indiana IN , Iowa IA , Kansas KS , Kentucky KY , Louisiana LA , Maine ME , Maryland MD , Massachusetts MA , Michigan MI , Minnesota MN , Mississippi MS , Missouri MO , Montana MT , Nebraska NE , Nevada NV , New Hampshire NH , New Jersey NJ , New Mexico NM , New York NY , North Carolina NC , North Dakota ND , Ohio OH , Oklahoma OK , Oregon OR , Pennsylvania PA , Rhode Island RI , South Carolina SC , South Dakota SD , Tennessee TN , Texas TX , Utah UT , Vermont VT , Virginia VA , Washington WA DC , West Virginia WV , Wisconsin WI , and Wyoming WY.

We hope that you find our listings helpful in finding a suitable handyman for your particular needs / job!


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